About Me.

From the fall of communism in Eastern Europe to the rise of the world’s top political, fashion and corporate figures, Kristof has captured a vast array of events, people and places through his photography.

A photographer with twenty years of world-wide experience in the high-end fashion photography, photojournalism, advertising, catalogue, magazine, wedding photography and portraiture fields, Kristof is at home shooting around the world, and in any setting. He has captured the rain forests of Costa Rica, the volcanic landscapes of Hawaii, the deserts of Arizona, the Sierra mountains of Chile and the daily bustling of Europe and America’s most vibrant cities…

After substantial training in Europe, Kristof came to North America in 1996 and created Foto-Studio.com. Now residing in Toronto, Canada, he continues to pursue his unwavering passion for photography. With Foto-Studio.com, Kristof has photographed for major patrons and events: notably, the National Election Convention in New York City, Arnold Schwarzenegger, the Bush family and Gavin Newsom (San Francisco’s Mayor). He has also teamed up charitably with the Aids Foundation, Cancer Awareness Project, and Winter Special Olympics.

Kristof’s work has been featured in such publications as Moda, The New York Times, Communication Arts, Soma, and Detour…

Some of my clients